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Enough is Enough

It's time to let someone else call the plays for the South Carolina Gamecocks.

Let's look at the numbers...

Through seven games in 2022, the Gamecocks offense averaged 374.3 total yards per contest: 233.1 passing, 141.1 rushing. Those averages were good for 10th, 9th, and 10th best in the SEC, respectively. Through four SEC games, the story doesn't get better. Against Georgia, Arkansas, Kentucky, and Texas A&M, the offense averaged 341.3 total yards, with 234 passing, and only 107.3 rushing.

During the same span South Carolina averaged 33.1 points per game for a respectable 6th best in the SEC. However if we tally the numbers for just the four SEC games, that number plummets to meager 22.8 points per game. It should be noted that the points totals, as poor as they are, may be slightly skewed to the positive. This is due to the special teams and defensive units (which both have competent coordinators) either scoring themselves or setting up the offense with very short fields that resulted in touchdowns or field goals.

The yardage and points averages above will fall once the numbers from October 29th's abysmal performance against Missouri are added. In the game that became the last straw for this Gamecocks fan, South Carolina's offense turned in its worst performance of the year to the tune of 10 points, 203 yards (including an astonishing 32 yards rushing), and minus-13:10 in time of possession.

The story of the stats so far this year tell a story, and it's a story with which Marcus Satterfield is well familiar...

Let's look at the history...

From the time Satterfield was announced as the offensive coordinator for South Carolina and head coach Shane Beamer's first year at the helm, his hiring had its doubters. Sports columnists had mixed feelings, as did fans on the South Carolina web forums. After all, Satterfield didn't exactly have the sterling resume that South Carolina fans yearned for.

His first offensive coordinator job was at UT-Martin, where he led the offense in 2007 to 33.4 points per game and 430.5 yards per game. Both stats led the Ohio Valley Conference. The following year he was promoted to associate head coach, and the 2008 Skyhawk squad led the conference with 37.3 yards per game, and were 16th in the FCS with 405.6 yards per game.

The following season, Satterfield was hired to run the offense at UT-Chattanooga. In 2009, they averaged 21.5 points per game, an improvement on the 2008 team's last-place effort. In 2010 the Mocs improved drastically and averaged 430 yards per game, placing them 11th in the FCS and 3rd in the Southern Conference. The next two seasons were steps back offensively, as the Mocs averaged 25.9 points and 319.4 yards in 2011 and 25.5 points and 351.6 yards in 2012.

Satterfield was hired by Matt Rhule to be the Temple OC for the 2013 season. That year, Temple was 6th out of the 10 American Conference schools with an average of 399 yards per game, and 7th with 24.9 points per game. In 2014 (which saw the American Conference grow to eleven teams), the team once again ranked 7th in points with a 23.1 average. They ranked 8th in average yards, with 308.4. In 2015, Temple's offensive production improved to 366.7 yards and 29.8 points, but remained ranked in the bottom half of the league at 9th in average yards and 7th in average points.

Marcus Satterfield became the head coach at Tennessee Tech in 2016, but was fired after going 1-10 during his second season.

After a very brief stint at ETSU, Satterfield was hired again by Matt Rhule to be the tight ends coach at Baylor for the 2018 season. When Rhule left for the Carolina Panthers job in 2020, Satterfield followed and became an assistant offensive line coach.

His career boils down to three solid seasons with FCS schools from 2007-2010, six below-average seasons, a lackluster stint as a head coach, and a handful of assistant coaching positions. Again, not the resume fans hoped for in an offensive coordinator.

That brings us back to 2021, Satterfield's first season at South Carolina. The offensive stat line is hard to look at. 13th in the conference in points per game (22.6), 13th in yards per game (337.5). Those numbers ranked 109th and 116th out of all FBS schools. It was the start many fans feared, and many cried out for a change at the end of the year. Throughout the season, fans and commentators maligned the poor play-calling, the lack of identity on offense.

Despite the calls for change, Coach Beamer defended Satterfield time and again as the season went on. He had a few arguments in his favor. Due to injuries, the Gamecocks started four different quarterbacks. Prized recruit RB Marshawn Lloyd was coming back from a knee injury and wasn't back to his old self yet. It was Satterfield's first year installing the system. And so on. Whether or not these arguments were good enough to appease the fan base didn't matter. Coach Beamer retained Satterfield.

Back to the present...

A big off-season came and went, and the Gamecocks received an influx of talent via the transfer portal. Spencer Rattler, Juice Wells, Austin Stogner, and others joined a healthy Marshawn Lloyd, Jaheim Bell, veteran linemen, and a bunch of big contributors on an offense many figured would be much improved for 2022.

This Gamecocks fan bought into the hype as well.

Unfortunately, the story Satterfield has penned up to now is much the same as it has always been: below average. There is no evidence to suggest he will get better as 2022 goes on. Much has been written about exactly how Satterfield has failed at his job this year; be it not scheming to get the ball in our best players' hands, odd spacing on receiver routes, the phenomenon of Rattler just not seeming to grasp the offense despite all his talents, etc. Is it not the offensive coordinator's job to design an offense that puts the personnel in the best position to succeed? Surely this is not the best this offense can be!


Coach Beamer, please make a change. The fans have had enough of this offense. We know Satterfield is your friend; you don't even have to fire him! Simply let someone else call the plays and let Satterfield ride off into the sunset at year's end. The fans refuse to believe there is not another coach on the team that could do a better job and give the offense a better shot at performing well.

One last thing...

I don't expect this "petition" to get any traction outside of some zealous fans from the forums. By the time this publishes, it might be one of several similar websites that are much more well-done or well-written than mine, so I'm going to vent a little bit more informally here.

I think I speak for a lot of South Carolina fans when I say I am just so tired of seeing bad offenses. Since 2004, USC has been top-3 in yards per game in the SEC exactly once, in 2006. The blistering average offensive output that year? 395 yards. In that span, we averaged over 400 yards three times and never got better than 34.1 points per game (7th in the SEC in 2013). The fans are starving for offense. Even the Spurrier years were roughly middle of the pack (or worse!) in the SEC. Since 2015 (excluding 2022), our average rank in the SEC is 11th in YPG and 12th in PPG. Please give us good offense, Shane. Please.

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